CyberWatch - A South Shores Welcome to Officer Elliot Rubright

Dear South Shores neighbors,

As most of you are aware, our Senior Lead Officer Eve Wight has been reassigned to the LAPD Metro division and has had to bid South Shores farewell, at least for now.  We all wish her well and she will be greatly missed by our community.

We were very pleased to have the new acting Senior Lead Officer Elliot Rubright drop by the house last week to introduce himself.  It was a very informative visit.  It gave us the opportunity to get to know him a bit  and to chat about South Shores specific needs and priorities.

CyberWatch's Bob Genest and Senior Lead Officer Elliot Rubright

Prior to LAPD, Officer Rubright was in the Marine Corps for 6 years and served two tours of duty in Iraq.  He has been with the LAPD for 10 years, the last 9 at the Harbor Division.  He is married with one daughter.  He is currently working on his Master's degree in Public Administration.

In his off time, he likes to go the beach, hike, camp and fish. 

Elliot says, "I am hoping to build a strong relationship with members of the community and getting to know them on a first name basis".

Both CyberWatch and the South Shores Homeowners Association are  looking forward to building an effective working partnership with Officer Rubright in the very near future.  He will continue in the same CyberWatch communications loop as Eve, his predecessor.

Please join me in welcoming Elliot to our South Shores community.


Bob Genest, CyberWatch Captain



Farewell to Eve Wight
A very special LAPD Officer and Treasured Friend of South Shores

The San Pedro community honored a very special LAPD partner Saturday evening, May 14 at the Omelette and Waffle Shop on Gaffey St.  The event was hosted by the restaurant's owners Mona Sutton and Lesley Jones and was attended by over 100 people.  We all owe Mona and Lesley a debt of gratitude for making this wonderful event possible.

Those attending included members of the Coastal Neighborhood Council, neighborhood watch groups, including South Shores CyberWatch, LAPD's CPAB (Community Police Advisory Board) and the Harbor area's LAPD Cadets, a program for young people ages 13 to 20, aimed at bringing them valuable skills.

Omelette & Waffle Shop's owners Lesley Jones and Mona Sutton with Eve and CyberWatch's Bob Genest

Eve and Coastal Neighborhood Council Vice President, James Baeza

Eve Wight and LAPD Sergeant Catherine Plows

Eve Wight speaks to community leaders and supporters

Eve Wight speaks to community leaders and supporters

A tearful goodbye to Eve from one of the LAPD Harbor Cadets

Cake for Eve

Eve Wight receives a floral send off from neighborhood watch leader Shannon Ross

Another send-off for Eve was held at a special South Shores local neighborhood meeting held on May 6 and hosted by Shannon Ross, a South Shores CyberWatch member.  This meeting was attended by approximately 50 residents from the immediate area of Anabas Ave and Perch St.


We wish Eve the very best as she broadens her career experience through this  reassignment to the LAPD's Metro division.  We plan to maintain contact with Eve in the near future and hope she returns to visit us often.

-- Photos and text by Bob Genest




The service of Officer Eve Wight as the local Senior Lead Officer has been special.  She has served for some eight years of her ten year career with the LAPD within the,Harbor Division.  Along with her duties as a Senior Lead Officer, she has worked with two Special Problem Units in the Narcotics Division.  Officer Wight has been actively engaged in the various neighborhood watch programs in San Pedro as well as work with the local neighborhood councils in addressing public safety issues in the area.  She has been a popular speaker at the SSHOA Annual Meetings each year.  We will miss her, but wish her well as she moves to a new assignment in downtown Los Angeles with the LAPD.

- Jerry Gaines

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