Officer Wight: Solicitation Ordinance

Getting solicitors?  They probably don't have a permit.  Check out L.A. City's ordinance here, courtesy of Officer Eve Wight.

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Board at Work

Noah Modisett and Anita Mannila

Annette Brodsky, John Lang,
Mingli Wang, Stan and Geraldine Katten and Anita

John, Anita, Annette, Jerry Gaines, Noah, Mingli

Dave McMullen, Annette, John

Geraldine, Stan, Richard Welsh

Joyce Hall, Mingli, Jerry, Anita, Vern Hall

Holiday Wishes from the SSHOA Board!

Paseo Del Mar and Western
Newly replanted hardscape - thanks to June and Tym Tymczyszyn!

25th and Mermaid
Holiday greetings from an anonymous florist

Good Neighbor Nomination

You are invited to nominate someone for the 2014 Good Neighbor Award. 

The Good Neighbor Recognition Certificate is awarded each year to someone who has fulfilled the Purpose of the SSHOA in a significant way, such as enhancing the beauty of our neighborhood.  This is the Purpose stated elsewhere on this webpage:

South Shores Homeowners’ Association in San Pedro, CA, exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness.

Past recipients of the award include retired LAPD Assistant Chief George Beck, Dr. Richard Schaar, artist Loa Sprung and Rex Hemmes (see below). 

Please copy this form to nominate someone for 2014:


I would like to nominate _______________________________ for the Good Neighbor Award for 2014 for the following reason(s):


Name: _______________________________ (optional)


Send to SSHOA, P.O. Box 922, San Pedro, CA 90733.

Good Neighbor Award to Rex Hemnes


Rex Hemnes  
Recipient of the SSHA's  Good Neighbor Recognition Award
The SSHOA is pleased to honor Rex Hemnes with the Good Neighbor Recognition Award  for his efforts to improve  the beauty of our area.   For several years, three times a week, Rex  has watered the pine trees along Paseo del Mar near Western Avenue.  He  loads water bottles into his car and then drives to the area to water the neglected trees. 

Below Left: Digging through branches to pour water.  Below Right: A "baby" well-formed tree Rex recently discovered(behind his left hand). Above Right: tail end of Transpac 2013 Yacht Race send-off.

Rex has become so attached to the trees that he decorates them with ornaments during the Christmas season.  The trees are thriving.  


Rex has also helped June and John Tymczyszyn,  take care of the plants around the South Shores hardscape at the corner of Paseo del Mar and Western Avenue.   Rex will be presented with a Good Neighbor Recognition Certificate at the annual Members' Reception in September.   

The GNRA program was started in 2009.  Past recipients of the award include retired LAPD Assistant Chief, George Beck, Dr. Richard Schaar, and artist Loa Sprung.

September 28, 2014 SSHOA Reception

On Sunday, September 28,  2014, almost 150 guests gathered at June and John Tymczyszyn's home to enjoy the annual Members' Reception.  Click on the picture below of hostess June Tymczyszyn's Chalk Board art work to see a photo album.

This year's theme, Bon Jour, South Shores featured delectable French food.  Entertainment was provided by singer-actress, Pamela Clay, who sang some of Edith Piaf's favorite songs in French.  The photo album includes a video of Pamela Clay singing Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose (last in the sequence of Pamela photos). 

Many lucky winners went home with valuable raffle prizes! 

You can still pay your $10 yearly dues
(see below: Annual Membership Campaign)

Lightning Strike on Catalina Island, as seen from South Shores

Taken from the backyard of SSHOA Board Member and CyberWatch Captain Bob Genest -- 7/27/14, 3:17p.m. --
featured on the front page of The Daily Breeze, 7/29/14:

Great shot, Bob!

New Skate Park Unveiled at Peck Park

Our gorgeous south shores coastline

GoPro(tm) video (when loaded) -- tour of South Shores coastline using a model Quadcopter (click here to see this high-tech gear).

To enlarge the video, hover the cursor near the bottom right corner and click the Full Screen icon (outlined box at far right).

Many thanks to cybercesar for the video (catch more of his on YouTube).

New Neighborhood Watch Signs

The South Shores Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 17 new Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed at key entry points into our community. At the Association’s Annual Meeting, held in January 2013, it was stated that one of our neighborhood betterment projects for the year was to replace and add to the old 12 by 18 inch signs that have “served” South Shores since ????

 Replacing old Sign #1 on Morse Drive Admiring new Sign #17 on 
Anchovy Ave. north of Paseo Del Mar

The project, authorized by the Association Board at their February meeting, included: procurement of the signs, obtaining necessary permits from the LAPD, LA Department of Street Lighting and the Harbor District office of the Department of Transportation, coordinating with the Councilman’s staff and the hiring a City approved contractor.

Board Member Joyce Hall served as agency liaison and project coordinator and contributed many volunteer hours toward its successful completion.  The project was completed on May 3, 2013 for an approximate cost of $1,160.00, using income derived from annual membership dues and a generous contribution of $100.00 from Dr. Bill Fleury.

Paseo Del Mar Repair Options

Four options discussed at the March meeting of the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee:

1. Restore the road in the same location without a retaining wall, which would require a complicated soil packing process, estimated to cost $43.8 million.

2. Build a bridge to span the slide area at a cost of $51.3 million.

3. Regrade the roadway, which would result in a dip and an uneven surface similar to Portuguese Bend to the west and would cost $6.7 million (although regular maintenance costs also would be required).

4. Restore the road in the same location but use a retraining wall below the street on the ocean side. Cost is about $28.8 million.

(Pictures and text courtesy of The Daily Breeze)

Annual Meeting Photos

(Click to enlarge)
(Pictures by Bob Genest and Dave McMullen)

Our Gorgeous South Shores!

Between Santa Catalina Island and South Shores plies a cruise ship:

Landslide Update

Here's the latest on the White Point landslide -- a video that includes remarks by SSHOA Board member Vern Hall.

Click on the picture above to go to the video.

Vern's photos (click a picture below to go to earlier landslide photos):

Events Calendar

Click here for the latest Events Calendar along the San Pedro coast

Business Directory

2014 Purpose Statement

South Shores Homeowners’ Association in San Pedro, CA, exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness

One of our newest Board members says it this way:

One thing I care about is our neighbors, our neighborhood, our working together to Uplift & upgrade our community.  I have a mindset that is looking to see “what can the SSHOA do to make a positive and lasting  impact on others”  As you know I have only been a board member for a short time, but this is something I’ve had in the back of my mind.

Whether it’s helping those older than I with shopping, getting to and from doctors, assisting military families, welcoming new neighbors with a cake and application to join the SSHOA perhaps it’s all, some or none of these. [Board Member] Bob Genest has had a tremendous impact on our neighborhood safety.  He's probably too humble to acknowledge it, but we all know it. 

-- Rich Scandaliato

*** Click for the SSHOA Facebook site.  ***

Finding South Shores

Between Rancho Palos Verdes
and Long Beach, locate the yellow square,
which is South Shores (below):

At bottom center above, 
this hardscape welcomes you:

Barking Dogs

FYI to South Shores residents from L. A. County Animal Care & Control:

Barking Dogs: Any pet owner or custodian who allows a dog to bark continuously or for an extended period of time in a manner that annoys the neighbors and disturbs the peace and tranquillity of the neighborhood may be guilty of allowing a public nuisance and punishable by a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1000 and/or six months in jail. (California Penal Code 373A and L.A. County Code Sec. 10.40.065) If you have a noise complaint, contact your local Department of Animal Care and Control agency or submit an Animal Complaint Form.

SSHOA Recommendation: Be a good neighbor -- work it out.

Anecdote: One Board member located the home of a barking dog and left a note calling the homeowner's attention to the barking dog with the Board member's phone number.  The homeowner promptly called to say the dog would not continue to bark as in the past.  The homeowner even visited the home of the Board member later on to express regret.  He left as a "good neighbor".


Out and About - Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Ongoing 9am-5pm U.S.S. Iowa Naval History Museum
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More information:
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