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Annual Reception Invite

South Shores Homeowners Association Sets Record Attendance -- 161!

Our 13th Annual Reception: OUTSTANDING!

Thanks to all who made it possible, especially Jo-Ann Scandaliato's "Foodies" and Richard Welsh's whole committee: Michelle Sheriden, Terry Poste, Rose Zatz, Michelle Marr, DJ Chang -- they were a TEAM!

AND most appreciatively, thanks to Terry Katnic for the mesmerizing VENUE! 


Featuring 60’s Music by “The Riptides”


Sunday, September 20,2015 



Good Neighbor Day

Say "Hello" and Thank you" to a good neighbor and be one yourself on Monday, Sept. 28th

Have a friendly chat or send an introductory note to a new neighbor.

Consider nominating Good Neighbor 2015.

Visited "NextDoor"?

NextDoor South Shores is a "community blog" (an "Anti-Facebook") that lets SSHOA members post and respond to

  • news, such as
  • honors, achievements, graduations
  • weddings, anniversaries
  • helpful tips on
  • gardening, house repairs
  • travel, discounts
  • local events, coupons
  • referrals for
  • handymen, painters
  • mechanics, professionals

You can join FREE by clicking here.

City Services


  • emergency: 911
  • non-emergency: 877-275-5273 / 213-928-8223
  • non-emergency (Fire):
    310-548-7501 (25th/Western)

    Social Media links:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • e-Policing
  • Nixle - input your area code and receive real-time text messages, including Fire Dept. events

  • Call 311 (within LA City limits) / 213-978-0600
  • Click
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  • Visit Mayor's Help Desk, 3rd floor, City Hall

2015 Purpose Statement

South Shores Homeowners’ Association in San Pedro, CA, exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness

Our President says it this way:
One thing I care about is our neighbors, our neighborhood, our working together to Uplift & upgrade our community.  I have a mindset that is looking to see “what can the SSHOA do to make a positive and lasting  impact on others” 

As you know I have only been a board member for a short time, but this is something I’ve had in the back of my mind.

Whether it’s helping those older than I with shopping, getting to and from doctors, assisting military families, welcoming new neighbors with a cake and application to join the SSHOA perhaps it’s all, some or none of these. 

[Board Member] Bob Genest has had a tremendous impact on our neighborhood safety.  He's probably too humble to acknowledge it, but we all know it. 

-- Rich Scandaliato

*** Click for the SSHOA Facebook site.  ***

Good Neighbor 2015 Nomination

You are invited to nominate someone for the 2015 Good Neighbor Award. 

The Good Neighbor Recognition Certificate is awarded each year to someone who has fulfilled the Purpose of the SSHOA in a significant way, such as enhancing the beauty of our neighborhood.  This is the Purpose stated elsewhere on this webpage:

South Shores Homeowners’ Association in San Pedro, CA, exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness.

Past recipients of the award include retired LAPD Assistant Chief George Beck, Dr. Richard Schaar, artist Loa Sprung and Rex Hemnes (click to view)

Please copy this form or send an email to nominate someone for 2015:



I would like to nominate _______________________________ for the Good Neighbor Award for 2015 for the following reason(s):


Name: _______________________________ (optional)


Send to SSHOA, P.O. Box 922, San Pedro, CA 90733.

Ports O' Call Moving Forward

Los Angeles port officials have approved an agreement (7/13/15) that moves forward plans to redevelop Ports O’ Call in San Pedro.

The vote opens the way for the developer, L.A. Waterfront, to sign a ground lease to remake the 1960s-era waterfront shopping center. This is the latest effort in what has been a nearly 20-year push to revitalize the sagging waterfront village.  (Courtesy, Daily Breeze)

Ports O' Call is located in the large rectangular white area center-left alongside the long red line above (read more...)

 (Courtesy, Daily Breeze)

(Click in the green to see the full VIEW POINT, then scroll.)

Community Reference (VIEW POINT, p. 11)


Annual Meeting Good Neighbor Award 2014

2015 Membership Drive

Annual Membership Campaign



The South Shores Homeowners' Association (SSHOA) is the
active homeowners associations in San Pedro, if not
all of Los Angeles. 

In fact, we will soon be memorializing our 50th Anniversary. 

In 2014 we had 485 paid memberships representing about
40% participation.

Send $10 check to 

        SSHOA, P.O. BOX 922, SAN PEDRO, CA 90733
    (Please include name, address, phone, email address and 
                                whether a renewal or lifetime.)

Click here for more information

Our Gorgeous South Shores!

Between Santa Catalina Island and South Shores plies a cruise ship:

New Skate Park Unveiled at Peck Park

Lightning Strike on Catalina Island, as seen from South Shores

Taken from the backyard of SSHOA Board Member and CyberWatch Captain Bob Genest -- 7/27/14, 3:17p.m. --
featured on the front page of The Daily Breeze, 7/29/14:

Great shot, Bob!

Community Yard Sales



South Shores San Pedro Community Yard Sales

Saturday,  October 10, 2015

8AM to Noon

Above and below 25th Street from Western Avenue to  Rancho Palos Verdes. (From the Ocean to the Elk's Club)

If you wish to be included in the community effort by having your own sale on your own property in South Shores, please sign up and get a sign at the September 20th  SSHOA Annual Reception, or click here to email Annette Brodsky.    You do not have to be a paid SSHOA member, as all participants will be conducting their own private sales.

What's Happening in South Shores

Click links (blue topics) below to

Tree trimming and brush clearance

5-year District 15 trimming removes dangerous palm fronds.

"Clean San Pedro" clears eyesore brush.

Waterfront development letter to Mayor Garcetti

SSHOA President Scandaliato urges the mayor to fulfill promises and make the Port competitive by building continuous access to the water.

Letter of Appreciation to LAPD

SSHOA Board thanks Capt. Whitten and Lead Officer Eve Wight

Annual newsmagazine: VIEW POINT 2015

SSHOA looks back at a busy 2014 and makes plans for 2015.

Business Directory

Events Calendar

Click here for the latest Events Calendar along the San Pedro coast

Finding South Shores

Between Rancho Palos Verdes
and Long Beach, locate the yellow square above,
which is South Shores (below):

At bottom center above, 
this hardscape welcomes you:

Barking Dogs

FYI to South Shores residents from L. A. County Animal Care & Control:

Barking Dogs: Any pet owner or custodian who allows a dog to bark continuously or for an extended period of time in a manner that annoys the neighbors and disturbs the peace and tranquillity of the neighborhood may be guilty of allowing a public nuisance and punishable by a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1000 and/or six months in jail. (California Penal Code 373A and L.A. County Code Sec. 10.40.065) If you have a noise complaint, contact your local Department of Animal Care and Control agency or submit an Animal Complaint Form.

SSHOA Recommendation: Be a good neighbor -- work it out.

Anecdote: One Board member located the home of a barking dog and left a note calling the homeowner's attention to the barking dog with the Board member's phone number.  The homeowner promptly called to say the dog would not continue to bark as in the past.  The homeowner even visited the home of the Board member later on to express regret.  He left as a "good neighbor".

New Oversized Vehicle Signs

Know Your Watering Days

Water Reduction Tips (Courtesy, Torrance Tribune)

New AARP Livability Index

You can compare South Shores with other communities nation-wide (three at a time) by using AARP's new Livability Index: click here
... then type the address (or select a prompted address as you type) and click the blue push-pin, then Add to Comparison, then View Comparison.

To see what AARP considers the top 30 neighborhoods in the country, click here.

(The following is from the May, 2015 issue of AARP Bulletin.)

Photo Reel

Why did AARP develop the Livability Index?

As the U.S. population ages, we face a serious challenge: our communities are not prepared for an aging society. In an effort to address this urgent problem, AARP sought to help consumers and policymakers decide whether their communities are places where residents can easily live as they get older. Taking a multifaceted approach to assessing livability at the neighborhood level, AARP developed this ground-breaking tool to jump-start community conversations about livability and encourage action by consumers and policymakers alike.